Toby’s May Day Video Project

As you may have seen from the ‘Meet the Band’ section of our website, when I’m not messing around with guitars I’m earning a living as a video producer with ikandi:media so I’ve always got a camera to hand.

This May Day I managed to start getting some footage of the day shot at 50fps (½ speed slo-mo) as well as a few shots of the days leading up to May 1st as well.  There hasn’t really been much edited footage of May Day put out into the public domain, usually just a bit of home video footage put on to YouTube or 20 seconds of footage on the local news, so I’m trying my best to get together a nice looking video that not only shows a bit of the Osses and band in action but also, and I think more importantly, shows the smiling facesand community spirit on display during the day.

It’s a beautiful day, it can’t be described at all, it is genuinely one of those things that you really need to experience to come close to understanding it.  It’s a day that means a huge amount to every member of The Stowes, we’re all actively involved in the day, and I only hope that once I’ve pieced together the footage that it does the day and the town justice.

This is just a trial run, it’s mainly of the Blue Ribbon Oss as I didn’t venture too far from my gang this year, and hopefully some of the footage will go into a much larger project that I have planned which will hopefully document the day in a creative, musical and visually interesting way.  For that I’ll need to get another May Day’s worth of footage and a whole lot of sound engineering ideas.

For now I’ll add a few stills from the footage for you to take a look at.

Cheers & Gone



One thought on “Toby’s May Day Video Project

  1. I’m in Ohio and about as far away as you can get from Cornwall but you guys are great!!
    How can I get something to listen to? CD cassette. Stick it all on a zip drive and mail it! anything!
    great music!

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